Events and Activities since the start of the project

Events Organized by the Project

  • 29 April 2024,19:30: Film Screening an Discussion "The Windemere Children". The first of our two public outreach film-events, organized by Johannes Glack, Raphaela Bollwein, Elisabeth Czerniak, Lena Christoph and Konstantin Schischka. The screening was followed by a talk and disscussion with the primary research advisor of the film and initiator of the Lake District Holocaust Project, Trevor Avery.
  • 15 November 2023, 18:30: Book presentation and podium discussion to the newly published monograph "Kindom of Barracks, Polish Displaced Persons in Allied-Occupied Germany and Austria" by Katarzyna Nowak. Please download the invitation here. You can access the live stream here.
  • 23 June 2023, 17:00: ERC Advanced Grant "GLORE" Inauguration.Venue: University of Vienna, Great Ceremonial Hall (Großer Festsaal)"Project Design" Talk by Kerstin von Lingen, Keynote Lecture Jessica Reinisch

Conferences and Workshops Organized by the Project 

  • 3 November 2023, 9:30: Workshop "Mapping Displacement: Visualisierungen und Analyse von Mobilitäts und Lebenslaufdaten" organized in cooperation with the University of Osnabrück included presentations by team members:
    • Jewish 'Displaced Persons' with Disabilities (Glack)
    • 'Displaced Persons' into and from the Philippines (Christoph)
    • Explorative Netzwerkanalyse räumlicher sowie sozial-administrativer Resettlementpraktiken (Schischka)
  • 21 August 2023, our internal GIS workshop with the title "Introduction to GIS (ArcGisPRO) for Historical Studies" took place. The workshop was planned and conducted by Konstantin Schischka, and included a presentation by Peter Hinterndorfer

Lectures at Conferences/Workshops and Participation at Research Trips

  • 11-12 April 2024: Raphaela Bollwein, Pauli Aro, Elisabet Czerniak and Konstantin Schischka participated at the conference "Making Refuge: Place and Space in Refugee History" at the Masarik Institute and Archives in Prague.
    • Aro "Out of the barracks...and back to agriculture"! Ethnic German expellees as farmers and settlers in post-1945 Austria
    • Bollwein "Those difficilt to resettle [...]." - Making space for the "residual cases" within displaced children in specialised installations in the post-WWII period
    • Czerniak (chair) Palel3: Refugee trajectories and mapping of refuge
    • Schischka: Researching displacement, refuge and resettlement between time, space and administration
  • 11-13 April 2024: Kerstin von Lingen and Johannes Glack participated at the "15. Zeitgeschichtetag"(15. Conemporary History Day) at the University of Graz.
    • von Lingen (chair) : Panel "Mobilität als Un-Sicherheit..." (Mobility as un-security...)
    • Glack:"Auf der Suche nach Selbstbestimmung" (On the search for self-determination)
  • 26 March 2024: Lena Christoph and Johannes Glack participated at the Worshop "Retour à la norm(al)e? Réfugiés et déplacés pandant la paix violente (1944-millieu des années 1950) at the Musée de l´histoire de l´immigration in Paris
    • Glack: Jewish DPs with Disabilities and Health Problems in search for self-determination between normative work ethic and the need for medical rehaboilitation
    • Christoph: Jewish, Russian and Chinese Refugees in the Philippines. Post-WWII Resettlement within the Context of Post-Colonial Nation-Building
  • 4-8 March 2024: Johannes Glack visited the UNHCR arcives in Geneva/Switzerland
  • 16-18 January 2024: Konstantin Schischka will participate in the EHRI seminar "What's New in Austrian Holocaust Studies?" at the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute. He will present his dissertation project. "Mapping the Spatial and Social-Administrative Networks of Resettlement: The Role of Hubs of Displacement in the Resettlement Process of 'The Last Million'" in English.
  • 14-19 January 2024: Jiayi Tao participated at a worshop on military humanitarianism at the City University London.
    • Tao: Born in ear(s): UNRRA and the US Molitary in China, 1944-1947
  • 3-16 December 2023: Konstantin Schischka, Lena Christoph, Johannes Glack, Raphaela Bollwein and Elisabeth Czerniak consulted the holdings of the IRO during their archiival trip to Paris, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine (Archives Nationales).
  • 18 November 2023-14 January 2024: Jiayi Tao carried out a research trip to China, visiting the Shanghai Munincipal Archives, Shanghai City Library and traveling to Hong Kong´s Public Records Office ans University Library.
  • 6-18 November 2023: Raphaela Bollwein and Lena Christoph completed a research trip to the National Archives of the United Kingdom in Kew and the British Library in London, wehere they studied the archival data from UNRRA, IRO, UK Foreign Office and Colonial Office.
  • 28-29 September 2023: Konstantin Schischka participated at the workshop "HISTORY & (Q)GIS. Dealing with Geographical Data in Historical Sciences" at the University of Vienna and gave a talk with the title: "Mapping the Spatial and Social-Administrative Networks of Resettlement: The Role of Hubs of Displacement in the Resettlement Process of 'The Last Million".
  • 21-23 September 2023: Annual Conference of the Society for Excile Research in Osnabrück, Germany. Raphaela Bollwein and Lena Christoph participated at the PhD Workshop and talked about their respective topics:
    • "Our Children - the Future of Our Nation. The (dis)qualification of parents and children in the context of (international) adoptations from the Children´s Centers of UNRRA/IRO after 1945" (Bollwein)
    • "Transit through the Philippines. Jewish and Russian Displaced Persons in Search of a New Home, 1945-1952" (Christoph)
  • 29 June - 1 July 2023: 7th ENIUGH congress:"Conflict and Inequity, Peace and Justice: Local, Regional and International Perspectives":
    • Kerstin von Lingen: "Displaced Persons and Refugees in Postwar Europe: a transnational Perspective" 
    • Elisabeth Czerniak: panelist Double Panel "Displaced Persons and Refugees and Postwar Europe: A Transnational History of Displacement", Talk: Navigating Repatriation from Shanghai to Vienna: Agency on the Challenging Way Back 'Home'Johannes
    • Glack: panelist "Double Panel: Displaced Persons and Refugees in Postwar Europe: A Transnational History of Displacement",  Talk: In Search for Self-determination: The Struggle for Agency of Jewish DPs with disabilities in the US-Zone between 1945 and 1963


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